• To become an independent, highly professional, respectable and successful business providing the best and quality service in the construction industry.


  • To be sustainable as a business through the realization of profits.


  • To contribute towards capacity building and skills development among the PDI’s to include women, youth and disabled.
  • To spearhead all and available projects within its scope, which includes all areas within the construction industry.


  • To outsource expert skills when necessary, to ensure speedy delivery of tasks.


  • To provide skills training to the unemployed and create jobs for upliftment of communities.


  • To adhere to the principle of quality assurance and client satisfaction.

To support all government policies of Black Empowerment, poverty alleviation, job creation and skills development, and as such endeavor to abide, align and commit towards achievement of such goals.

  • Service Excellence
  • Quality
  • Courtesy
  • Efficiency
  • Respect
  • Dignity


Our BEE Status

Bakgetwa Trading and Projects (Pty) Ltd is 100% Black owned, its management 100% PDI’s and its labour force 100% PDI’s. The business has 100% Male shareholding.

Scarce skills are recruited according to need and to ensure quality and speedy delivery of tasks.